Niggles are your bodys signals

Lady with neck & shoulder pain

Minor aches and pains or niggles can be your body’s way of warning you that something is not quite right. It may be an activity you are doing that is straining your body or an injury that you have been ignoring.  But we just carry on and ignore those small signals to change or allow full recovery. I use ‘we’ because I have done it too – even though I work in the complementary health business and you might think I should know better! Two weeks before Easter I  became ill with viral labyrinthitis which is an inner ear infection that made me very dizzy, exhausted and nauseous. Like many viral infections they can time to fully recover from.   I couldn’t remember the last time I was ill and certainly not that ill.

While it was surprising to me at the time when I was hit (or at least that was what it felt like) I had been ignoring the signs. The tooth infection, an ear ache, trying to do too much, emailing late at night and then not sleeping well. A bit of the case of don’t do as I do but do as I tell you 🙂 which inspired this blog about how we ignore our body’s signals that can then develop into something much greater, more persistent and painful and have an impact on our daily life – whether it’s a couple weeks off work or something more serious.

How often do you get a niggle in the shoulder or the back and ignore it. You carry on; you take some paracetamol and keep going. Then gradually what started as an occasional twinge  after carrying shopping is there most of the time. When it finally starts disturbing your sleep you think  “I really should do something about this“.  Well don’t do as I did and ignore the small signals. Seek help before it develops into something that really makes you take notice and has a huge impact on your life.

Very often if you go to the GP for back pain you will be prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills and told to come back in 6 weeks if it you have not improved. This is because back pain will very often get better in about 6 weeks because the medication will help stop your pain and allow you to get your body moving again. Once better you do not stop to consider why the pain started in the first place. Was it  something you were (and still maybe)  doing that has put you out of balance that caused this problem?  It could be the way you sit in your office chair or the way you lounge on the sofa. It maybe the high use of a tablet or mobile phone. If your problem has stemmed from a habit it will help prevent future problems if you change the habit but it may not address the imbalance already caused; or it may be due to an an old injury that your body has been compensating for, for example if you badly sprained a knee or ankle and limped for a few  weeks.

In time whether it’s a “bad” habit or compensation for an injury your body learns to work slightly differently but this may cause stress somewhere else that starts as a niggle but builds to another problem.  That’s where Bowen Therapy can help. The gentle rolling movements can help reset your body; getting you back into balance and out of pain. Click here for more info about Bowen

So if you have been ignoring a niggle for while give me a call

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