Take care of your Back and Wellbeing in Countdown to Christmas

Care for your back and well-being Christmas blogOn the Tenth day of Christmas – Travel well

This blog was written to help you keep well and free from back pain when travelling at Christmas and enjoy your time away


Its five days before Christmas! Some lucky people may be jetting off to warmer climes or the ski slopes. Others will be getting in a car or on a train or coach to visit friends and relatives. Whatever form of travel it may lead to back pain, neck and shoulder problem, headaches or other aches and pains.  Sitting in uncomfortable seats, cramped in small spaces for a long time without moving puts a lot of stress on your body. so you can be free from back pain when travelling

Tips to help prevent back pain when travelling  

travelHowever you travel think about your  Sitting posture:

  • Support your lower back –either with an adjustable lumbar support or with a small cushion or rolled up towel
  • Keep your head supported by resting against the headrest
  • Empty your pockets to keep your pelvis level
  • Avoid crossing your legs
  • Keep the back of your knees away from the edge of your seat

When driving

  • Adjust your seat so you can reach the pedals your knees are parallel to the hip or slightly below the hip
  • Sit upright with relaxed shoulders and keep your arms close to the sides of your body.
  • On a long trip take a break every 2 hours to walk around and stretch.
  • Use a relaxed grip on the steering wheel. If your grip is too tight it will setup tension in your neck and shoulders.

Travelling by plane/coach /train

  • When lifting bags into overhead lockers or racks use your core muscles and avoid twisting.
  • If possible walk down the aisle regularly
  • On long journeys use a travel pillow to support your neck.
  • Perform neck stretches every hour
  • To avoid your legs swelling frequently flex and extend feet and write the alphabet with your big toes.

Long trips can wreak havoc on your body, so ensure you have a Bowen treatment before and after.

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