Take care of your Back and Well-being in Countdown to Christmas

Care for your back and well-being Christmas blogOn Twelfth day of Christmas – Healthy Eating

It is especially hard to eat healthily over the Christmas season. It seems unfair that the foods that aren’t good for you tend to be the ones that are our favourites as they taste so nice! They are usually high in sugars, salt and saturated fats.

Most people know that healthy eating is important to maintain feeling well. People with back problems don’t always realise the part that good nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight can play in preventing back problems arising and aid healing from injuries. Bones & muscles need a healthy diet so that they are strong enough to support the body and to perform their other functions.

However this blog is not the place for me to lecture on a balanced diet! My aim is to give you a few realistic ideas to help with healthy eating

Tips to help lessen the negative impact of all that festive fare!

  • Drink plenty of water! Keep water handy at all times so it there to drink regularly alongside anything else you are drinking and eatingglass-of-water
  • As the eating and celebrations are not confined to just the one day try the 80:20 approach where 80% of the time you are good and 20% of the time you indulge a little
  • Stick to regular meal times
  • Start each day with a healthy breakfast such as porridge or eggs with smoked-salmon to keep you feeling full for a while.
  • For the big meal itself, load up on vegetables and turkey so there is less room for the pigs in blankets and stuffing. By the time you come to pudding you will only need a small portion!
  • Stop eating just as you start to feel full. It takes a while for your brain to get the full up from your stomach
  • Take a 15 minute walk, half an hour after eating. It has been shown to help control blood sugar as well as being good for your back!
  • Attempt to keep your portion size under control.
  • Calories in snacks can quickly mount up so have more fresh vegetables with low fat dips and bowls of popcorn rather than crisps.  Nuts (not the roasted & salted variety), dates and satsumas also make healthy, seasonal snacks.

 Have a wonderful Christmas!

Make regular Bowen treatments part of your New Year healthly living  plan.

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