Take Care of your Back and Well-being in Countdown to Christmas


Care for your back and well-being Christmas blogOn Eleventh day of Christmas:  Preparing your home

You may be expecting visitors for Christmas and they may even be staying so you feel the pressure to get your home looking its best. Now is not the time to launch yourself into a full scale spring clean! Routine household activities trigger off back pain because you are not aware of how much bending, lifting, twisting and pushing you are doing. Being stressed along with the extra cleaning is potential back pain in waiting.

Tips to help you get things done without causing back pain.

Before you start

·         Make a list of the tasks to be completed. Know your limits and be realistic about what goes on the list!

·         Avoid cleaning the whole house at once.  If possible clean the living room today and the kitchen the next.

·         Allow yourself time to take regular breaks.

·         Wear comfortable clothing and supportive footwear such as trainers while cleaning.

·         Before you start do some simple stretching or walking around to warm up your muscles.

While cleaning

iStock_000033342598Large-1024x682·         Whatever the task is, be conscious of how your body moves doing it.

·         Vary the chores every 15 minutes. Changing the repetitive motion or posture helps to minimize muscle tension or stiffness that can aggravate and hurt your back E.g. If you are dusting swap to hovering and then go back to the dusting.

·         Remember to breathe! Most people are not aware that they sometimes hold their breath when involved in a task

·         Use a small, light-weight stepladder to reach for items in the top shelves and stand on it with both feet. Do NOT stretch to the side as in this photo – an accident waiting to happen!

·         When using a vacuum, mop or broom keep your hips and shoulders straight on to the cleaner. To prevent back pain avoid twisting, contract your abdominals and adopt a lunge posture where one leg comes forward and bend slightly at the knee. Alternate which leg that goes forward.

·         If you need to stand to do chores  keep your feet at hip width apart and avoid twisting.

·         Use a light-weight bucket to put the cleaning supplies but avoid over-loading it. Make sure that you are able to lift it without straining your back.

·         When lifting bend your knees and let your strong leg muscles do the work instead of your back.

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